"Good enough" is not in our vocabulary.



Exterior Remodels

Roofing - Windows - Siding


Interior Remodels

Bathroom Renovations - Room Alterations

During the last 15 years I have been employed by or worked with many contractors. A lot of companies perform work as they should. Unfortunately too many contractors do not perform work as they should. There are a lot of greedy business owners only interested in making a bigger profit. Regardless of what the workmanship, or how satisfied the customer will be. This was the basis for creating this company in 2014. The goal is to have every customer happy and satisfied with their purchase. So we have created an accountability contract that is given to every customer. It is simple to understand; the accountability page has the guidelines to what is expected of Perfect Elasticity during the contracted period. You will be compensated for each aggravation. In the form of a discount off your balance due at the end of the project. 


After deciding to choose us for your remodel project. You will be given an accountability contract. This outlines how you will be treated and what will be expected of us during our preparation/building phase. Being accountable is one of our principles of doing business. When we say your project will be completed in 4-6 weeks, it will be completed in 4-6 weeks. Contractors these days give unrealistic timeframes that they never had any intention of trying to complete. You will only be given realistic timeframes, costs, projections and designs. You will never be charged one cent more than what has been contracted. You will never be asked to pay for our mistakes. You will be provided a warranty that covers both the labor and materials for a duration of 25 years. No out of pocket costs if a warranty issue arises.