"Good enough" is not in our vocabulary.


Accountability Contract

Work will be performed as contracted. Any mistakes will be replaced immediately, at the cost of Perfect Elasticity. 

The customer will be notified of project progress every week until install date. Information related to product manufacturing, install dates, install preparation efforts. If you are not notified within 48 hours of updated information; by your requested form of communication. A $25 charge will occur per day, discounted from balance due.

If you contact the office for a particular question. Perfect Elasticity must answer back within 24 hours by requested form of communication. If Perfect Elasticity does not answer your question within 24 hours, a $25 charge per day will be discounted from balance due.

If for some uncontrolled reason an install extension needs to take place. (Rain, snow, unforeseen, uncontrolled situation) Customer must be notified within 24 hours, or a $25 charge per day will be discounted from the balance due. 

If Perfect Elasticity arrives on installation date without 72 hour prior notification, a $250 charge will be discounted from the balance due. As well work will not be expected to be performed. Unless the customer chooses to allow the work to be performed. 

Trust me the objective is not to lose money; it is to have the customer treated with the highest respect. Your time is just as important as ours, and you should be treated as such. Let us know if you'd like anything added to this contract.